Veterinary Oncology

Veterinary Oncology


Our first activity is initially focused on the animal world and we therefore propose to measure a new biological constant that can be used as a marker of the state of health of an animal monitored for a tumor condition.


The objective is above all prognosis (efficacy of treatment versus recurrence) as part of therapeutic monitoring, or suggestive of a phenomenon of tumor transformation during deterioration of the state of health without apparent cause. For this, only a small amount of whole blood or serum (<1mL) is required. The strength of this technique is that it relies on the measurement of oxidative stress applied to transformed cells of the individual during an anti-tumor lymphocyte response (cytotoxic CD8 + T lymphocytes). This produces a variation in the isotopy of copper which is the quantity measured by our advanced analytical techniques. This method is a complete break with the usual biomarkers which are either protein or genetic and, ultimately, very similar.


We use the isotopy of copper (a metal found in trace amounts in the blood) as a biomarker because it evolves very quickly and correlates with efficacy or treatment failure. The other advantage is that the isotopy of copper is a very robust biomarker in terms of repeatability and reproducibility. This technique has already shown its potential in humans and animals through retrospective longitudinal studies and has been published in numerous scientific journals.


We therefore suggest that you take measurements of the isotopic ratios of copper (dCu) in the serum or whole blood of your patients and deduce a level of risk as to the onset or evolution of a tumor pathology.


 Contact us for other species (NAC in particular). This work has been published in the specialist journal below.


We have the exclusive patent for this analysis (WO2015011425 A1). For scientific validation (follow the publications link).


The cost of the analysis is 82.5 € HT for a simple analysis and 41 € HT for a follow-up of several analyzes over time (follow-up or annual control).


The procedure is ultra-simple, 1 ml of serum in a Colissimo Medical type envelope at our address (Delta-Biomarkers, ENS-Lyon, 46 allée d’Italie 69007 Lyon) or at our partner Orbio (



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Exemple de suivi d'un chien par isotopie du cuivre

Exemple de suivi d'un chien avec Lymphome