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Animal Health

We are at the origin of an innovation in the field of biomarkers with the demonstration of a relationship between the oncological monitoring of a living being and the isotopic variation of copper (dCu). Our large database obtained on more than 6000 human or animal samples allows us to have a good knowledge of the natural and pathological variations of this biomarker. Our technology is also used in the field of neurodegenerative diseases or with doctors specializing in anti-aging medicine.


Our core business is the use of this cancer marker in the veterinary field and more particularly in companion animals (especially dogs) but also zoo felines because we now have a good database on this type of animal.


Our first clinical studies of more than a hundred dogs show very good results and are much more specific than the data usually used such as CRP or other markers of inflammation.



Indeed, after a two-year follow-up on 77 dogs, we can say that our biomarker allows the diagnosis of> 85% of cancers (lymphoma) and this can go up to 99% if we add the measurement of TK1. In addition, we were able to obtain over 85% (copper alone) detection of cancer recurrence over the two-year period of dog follow-up. No other biomarker or combination of biomarkers achieves this level of performance.